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SOS Inc supplies a wide variety of water treatment and waste water treatment equipment, service and installation work. SOS specializes in disinfection technologies, flow monitoring technologies, chemical feed technologies, and Decentralized waste water and collection technologies.
As is customary we supply a great deal of equipment to contractors who install our equipment on all types of projects for water and waste water, some of our larger contractor installed projects include, Knoxville Utility Board, Metro Nashville, City of Chattanooga, Hawkins Co, City of Jonesborough, the City of Crossville, and many others.
SOS can also provide the installation of our own equipment for projects, and we have supplied many installations in both TN and KY. Some of our installations include the City of Paducah Miox Disinfection system with a final installation and equipment price of more than $1,000,000, the City of Crossville Disinfection System, the City of Spring City Disinfection System, Knoxville Utility Board gas disinfection, City Of Jonesborough Miox System, Mocassin Bend WWTP Gas Chlorine System, AEDC Gas chlorine System and ClO2 monitoring system to name a few.
SOS personel supply the wide variety of skills and experience to provide and complete installation from the very simple to the very complex, including mounting, wiring, plumbing, as well control and communication integration  for the project. SOS employees include a Chemist, a Specially trained and skilled electrical person, a Certified Water Systems Operator and others with significant installation and service experience. SOS Inc maintains the specialty equipment to provide installations as well as extensive service work provided by SOS.
We would be more than happy to supply you with references from some of our long term customers whom we have sold equipment too, provided service work for, and or installed equipment for.


Here at S.O.S. we have a few unique technologies that we offer along side of our other great manufacturers.

Clicking on each technology will bring to an article where we have used these technologies in the field producing excellent results for our customers.​


Welcome to SOS Inc. Here we hope to provide you with an overview of our products and services! SOS Inc. covers the state of Tennessee for the manufacturers listed on our manufacturers page! SOS Inc. also provides product service, calibration, repair, Water Plant Operation, and installation for equipment to include meters, level controls, chemical monitoring and metering, pumps, safety equipment, water/waste water disinfection, tank mixers, and tanks for all applications . We have provided links to our manufacturers sites, application information, and limited technical information within this site. We will also provide specific project information for select TN projects. On the navbar press the company name for a link to the manufacturers website additional info will appear next to the name. We will continue to add new product information, and company news to this site. Please contact us via our contacts page for any information, product interest, or projects which you may have interest in! Thanks for visiting us!

4095 Hidden Valley Rd.

Cleveland, TN


Office Hours:

MON-FRI: 9am-5pm

Phone Number:


Contact SOS:



President: Barbara Brownfield


V.P.: Jack Brownfield

Tele: 423-618-8848


Office Manager: Kacy Dickson

Tele: 423-650-0633


Outside Sales: Cody Dickson

Tele: 423-310-4521


Inside Sales/Service: Clark Brownfield

Tele: 423-303-9080


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